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WPC Investing in The Next Generation

The Academy of Construction Technologies focuses on the next generation of construction talent, through their pre-apprenticeship construction program for high school youth. ACT provides education and traning to inspire students and prepare them for a successful career in the construction industry. As part of their ongoing mission, ACT regularly host job fairs and organizes unique opportunities for students to get real life experience through jobsite field trips.

WPC believes in nurturing our students and cultivating talent within the construction industry. We regularly participate in ACT Pre-Apprenticeship Job Fair. Most recently at Lyman High School Job Fair in April 2022 (shown below). During the event the WPC team had a chance to get to know some of the students and hear first-hand what excites them about the construction industry. And to share insights about what a career in construction looks like.

WPC is invested in mentoring the next generation of construction leaders. The WPC team enjoyed hosting Trenton, a student from Lake Brantley High School at our Madison Landing II jobsite last month.

Jason Lietz, Executive Director at Academy of Construction Technologies about the value of the program. "Actually I went out to the job site last week before I had to leave. I was so impressed. I wish all our sites were like yours. Jennings and Nate seem to be providing amazing mentorship to Trenton. So far he has had the opportunity to attend subcontractor and owner meetings, job shadow various Job site supervisors. Trenton was given his own special project where he was able to estimate, order and manage the installation of the elevator safety rails and netting for the pre-elevator installation. This well- rounded exposure will ensure Trenton has the experience in knowledge to succeed, if he pursues a career in our profession.”

As part of Trenton's mentorship program with WPC - he was also involved in the Summer House at Lake Apopka a new 264-unit multifamily housing in Orange County. Trenton is shown here - with Ed Rampe, who along with John Hoyt have provided mentorship along the way. "It was a pleasure working with Trenton, he is good young man and has a bright future ahead of him in this field or whatever he decides on. "

Ed Rampe, WPC Assistant Superintendent

Trenton will graduate - Lake Brantley High School class of 2023. WPC was so excited to find out that Trenton had such a great experience working with WPC this summer that he decided to include WPC in his high school parking spot design - shown below. We are wishing Trenton a fabulous senior year experience.



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