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Three Decades of Dedication: The Kevin Corrado Story at WPC

In the construction world, where the foundation goes beyond bricks and mortar to encompass the people and stories behind them, Kevin Corrado emerges as a significant presence. His journey from the rivers and bayous of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to the helm of WPC as its Chief Operating Officer and Partner - is a testament to a life dedicated to Building Beyond the Blueprint®.

Born into a family that ran a seafood and oyster bar restaurant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Kevin learned early on the value of hard work and the importance of community. Surrounded by pots of boiling crawfish, he understood what it meant to contribute. His venture into construction began in high school, leading to a bold decision to join the Navy immediately after graduation. During his six years of active duty, Kevin refined his technical skills as a Fire Control Technician aboard the USS Saratoga, laying the groundwork for his future career in construction.


In 1994, amidst remodeling his home and raising a young family, Kevin's path took a decisive turn. A headhunter's call led to an interview with WPC in Central Florida, where he met WPC Founder Tracy Forrest and his brother Jeff Forrest. Joining WPC as an assistant superintendent marked the start of a 30+ year adventure. From assistant superintendent to COO, Kevin played a vital role at various leadership levels, co-steering WPC through the construction industry's cyclical challenges and through recessions and pandemics.

Shown Here: WPC Partners 2014: Chuck Roberts, Tracy Forrest, Kevin Corrado, Jeff Forrest

As WPC celebrates 50 years (in 2024), Kevin will celebrate three decades of service in February. They have been filled with challenges and triumphs. His role on the leadership team has contributed to strategic decisions that bolstered WPC's resilience and growth. His mantra, ”Never go faster than quality allows”

Kevin: "We could see the warning signs; market indicators were showing a shift, and just before the 2008-20011 recession seriously reduced our backlog, we made a strategic move. We launched our renovation division, understanding that renovations typically rise during recessions when new building projects slow down. It was about staying ahead of the curve and adapting to the market's needs."

Kevin's dedication to the company's vision has ensured WPC's leadership in multi-family, hospitality, and timeshare construction. Under his co-leadership, WPC grew from $40 million in gross revenues the year he started in 1994 to nearly $250 million in 2019, all while adhering to its core value of Building Beyond the Blueprint®. This philosophy underscores WPC's commitment to excellence in every project, cultivating relationships, and fostering a supportive environment for employees and partners.


Yet, it is the family-like culture at WPC that Kevin values most. This ethos has influenced many of his life choices, including the decision to establish firm roots in Florida with WPC. And not just “like family” but also actual family as in the case of his wonderful wife who also works at WPC.


Kevin: "WPC is my family. We support each other through both the good times and the bad—funerals and hurricanes, baby showers and retirement parties. That's what being a family is all about, right?"


His reflection on his time at WPC brings to light the memorable projects that have left a lasting impact on his career and the community. From the sprawling Orange Lake County Club, the multiple multi- unit projects to the Hilton Grand Vacation Club, it's the camaraderie, the challenges surmounted, and the shared laughter that Kevin cherishes most.

Beyond constructing buildings, Kevin's legacy is also marked by his and WPC's commitment to community service. From projects for wounded veterans to supporting nonprofit organizations, Kevin is a firm believer in the power of community involvement. His support in the Home at Last projects and the Honor Flight program highlights his belief that success is measured by the positive impacts made on others' lives.


As Kevin begins to approach retirement, his connection with WPC remains steadfast. The company he’s dedicated his life to continues to prosper, guided by the principles of quality, integrity, and community service that he has advocated. Kevin Corrado's journey with WPC transcends a mere career; it's a legacy of building dreams, nurturing talent, and contributing positively—a blueprint for a life well-constructed.



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