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The 33rd Annual Rump Ryder Cup: In The Spirit of Competitive Friendship

In the world of golf, tradition plays a significant role in fostering camaraderie and celebrating the spirit of competition. One such tradition, with a unique blend of humor and golfing prowess, is Orlando’s Annual Rump Ryder Cup. This offbeat golf tournament, inspired by the iconic Ryder Cup, has been a cherished event for over three decades. In October of 2023, the 33rd Annual Rump Ryder Cup took place at the Metro West Golf and Country Club, creating memories and paying tribute to its founders.

The Rump Ryder Cup began in 1991 when the team from WPC issued a friendly golf challenge to Terry's Electric. What started as a casual match soon evolved into a hilarious and competitive tradition. The name "Rump Ryder Cup" was a clever spin on the renowned international golfing event, The Ryder Cup, which pits professional golfers from the United States against those from Europe. However, this was no ordinary tournament. The trophy that awaited the victors was a unique and memorable one - a bust of the back end of a horse, quite different from the traditional golf trophies.

Tracy Forrest, the founder of WPC, who sadly passed away just one week before the 2020 Rump Ryder Cup and Terry Quigley, the founder of Terry's Electric, were instrumental in instilling the competitive spirit and camaraderie that define the essence of the Rump Ryder Cup.

The Rump Ryder Cup is more than just a golf tournament; it's a testament to the enduring power of friendship and competition. For 33 years, Larry Muller from the WPC team and John Clancy from Terry's Electric have worked tirelessly to coordinate this annual gathering of golf enthusiasts. Their dedication has ensured that this event continues to thrive and brings smiles to the faces of participants and spectators alike.

The 33rd edition of the Rump Ryder Cup saw Terry's Electric claim victory, ending WPC's impressive four-year winning streak. But as the tradition goes, even in defeat, camaraderie and humor prevailed. Congratulations were extended, and the anticipation for next year's event began to build. The Rump Ryder Cup, with its rich history and humorous undertones, has always been about celebrating the spirit of competition while fostering a sense of togetherness.



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