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The Forrest Journey Through Construction's Landscape

In the construction world, Jeff Forrest stands tall, not just for his accomplishments but for the legacy he's meticulously building, brick by brick. Jeff Forrest is President/CEO of WPC, a leading Central Florida-based commercial construction firm.  His story began near Disney Land in California and is richly textured with experiences in construction, nuanced family interactions, and an unwavering dedication to exploration and excellence. His early years were influenced by his father’s association with Buena Vista Construction (Disney’s construction arm). In fact, it’s why his family moved to Orlando in 1967 when Jeff was only four years old.

Since beginning his construction career at age 15, Jeff has worn many hats in the workforce. After graduating high school, Jeff moonlighted at Disney World at his father's suggestion. While brief, it left an indelible mark on his professional ethos, instilling in him the importance of customer experience. Every role enriched his perspective, whether in the trenches as a laborer or at the forefront with clients. These varied experiences, and his desire to provide something unique in an industry latent with negative stereotypes, became the bedrock of his philosophy, emphasizing service in all endeavors.

In 1979, destiny steered him towards Winter Park Construction (now known as WPC), a venture initiated by his elder brother (Tracy Forrest, 13 years his senior). Starting as a laborer, Jeff's resilience and work ethic propelled him through the company's hierarchy. By 2007, his leadership and vision had cemented his position at the forefront of WPC, taking over the helm and marking a legacy in the annals of construction history.


Jeff's profound respect for the construction industry traces back generations, with his grandfather, Felix, a skilled carpenter, his father, a craftsman and long-time superintendent, and of course his brother, who was also a carpenter and self-made man. The Forrest family's multi-generational dedication to construction speaks volumes about their commitment, values, and expertise.

Being the younger sibling to a type A entrepreneur, Jeff faced the dynamics of familial ties and professional hierarchy. However, adversity became a potent teacher when his brother suddenly passed away in 2020, as the familiar safety net of his elder sibling was no longer there. This transition wasn't just about business; it required Jeff to reflect deeply on family roles, forging ahead while preserving the legacy. It’s no surprise, then, that Jeff's insights into managing family dynamics within a business context have become invaluable, primarily as he now guides his son Jeffrey’s journey into the company's management.


Under Jeff's leadership, WPC's philosophy revolves around employee retention, providing an exceptional experience, and executing with precision and discipline. Instead of diving headfirst into every opportunity, they prioritize maintaining a manageable workload to guarantee quality. Over the years, WPC has transformed its operations. Although rooted as a general contractor, the company has blossomed into the development realm. Today, Jeff finds himself deeply involved in multiple development ventures, one of which is poised to become WPC's brand-new headquarters.

In 2024, as WPC celebrates its golden jubilee, significant shifts are afoot. Jeff's son, representing the next generation, has started making his mark, indicating a refreshing generational shift within the company. Another notable change is WPC's renewed focus: transitioning from solely client-oriented to emphasizing intra-company relationships, fostering a culture of mutual respect and support.

Shown Here: Jeffrey Forrest, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, Jeff Forrest

Jeff Forrest is not just a successful business leader and entrepreneur, he's a visionary with a deep sense of responsibility to his team and his community. His daily mantra resonates with gratitude. Instead of feeling burdened by his duties, he wakes up with excitement, always pondering over what he "gets to do" that day. It's this perspective that sets Jeff apart, framing challenges as opportunities and continually fueling his motivation.





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