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WPC - A Strong Foundation

Since 1974, WPC has provided construction and renovation services to developers in Central Florida and across the United States. From superintendents and project managers to estimators and everyone in-between, the WPC team proudly provides construction and renovation services - delivering on our "do it right the first time" promise producing award-winning projects across multiple expertise markets (hospitality, senior living, student housing and multifamily) – delivering quality and service that exceeds our client’s expectation. 

At WPC we invest in the health, safety, and education of our employees, we treat our suppliers and subcontractors like family and (since 1974) we have been cultivating excellence and culturing talent to form a diverse team of construction professionals that reliably deliver beyond-the-blueprint. 

In 1974 Tracy Forrest founded Winter Park Construction. With humble beginnings that included mostly residential renovation projects, it was only a matter of time before Winter Park Construction's credo – do the right thing, every time – attracted more complex construction assignments. Today, WPC's team is led by multifaceted construction experts with a combined 200+ years of experience. 



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