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Embarking on Life's Next Chapter at St. Cloud's Newest Senior Community

WPC is excited to announce the completion of Madison Grove, our most recent project in our ongoing commitment to enhance the living standards of our communities through affordable housing. This development not only marks a significant milestone in our partnership with American Residential Communities (ARC) and New South Residential, LLC but also celebrates our collective achievement in bringing to life a vision for more accessible and vibrant living spaces for seniors in Central Florida.

Madison Grove emerges as a distinctive feature in St. Cloud, Florida, boasting a significant investment of $23.5 million across 71,546 square feet. This development provides 80 residential units specially designed for seniors, with an age restriction of 55 and up, ensuring a tailored living experience for its residents. The community offers a mix of 53 one-bedroom and 27 two-bedroom apartments, thoughtfully situated on a well-planned 2.01-acre site at 3400 Progress Lane.

Beyond its impressive physical specifications, Madison Grove is a vibrant senior living community that blends comfort, convenience, and engagement within its premises. Residents can enjoy a wide range of amenities designed to enhance their lifestyle and foster a sense of community. The development includes an Activity Room and a Great Room, perfect for social gatherings and community events. For entertainment, there's a Billiards and Game Room, alongside a well-equipped Fitness Center for those keen on maintaining their physical health. A Health Services Room provides a space for health-related services and checks.

Safety and convenience are also top priorities, with carded entries ensuring secure access, and each unit equipped with a washer and dryer for personal use. The community benefits from 24-hour emergency maintenance services, ensuring peace of mind for all residents. Additionally, all apartments come with Energy Star Appliances, reflecting a commitment to energy efficiency and environmental care.

Madison Grove stands out not only for its senior-specific facilities but also for the emphasis on community engagement and activities. Residents have numerous opportunities to connect, socialize, and enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle, supported by a calendar of community activities that cater to a wide range of interests. This unique senior living community in beautiful St. Cloud, FL, is more than just a place to live—it's a place to thrive.

In line with ARC’s tradition of blending art with architecture, Madison Grove features an exclusive artwork by the renowned artist Andrew Spear. This masterpiece reflects the natural beauty and essence of St. Cloud, adding a layer of aesthetic value to the practicality and comfort of the community. This initiative underscores our belief that living spaces should not only serve functional purposes but also inspire and uplift their inhabitants.

The completion of Madison Grove is a testament to the enduring partnership between WPC, ARC, and New South Residential. Over the years, this collaboration has yielded six affordable housing projects, including five dedicated to seniors and one for family housing, across Orange and Hillsborough Counties. Madison Grove, alongside Madison Oaks West in Marion County, represents our latest effort to address the critical need for affordable, accessible housing solutions.


At WPC, we pride ourselves on our legacy of transforming Florida’s landscape through more than 200 million square feet of constructed space. Our approach goes beyond mere construction; we aim to build lasting relationships and communities. Our ethos, Building Beyond the Blueprint®, encapsulates our commitment to innovative solutions and a deep-seated dedication to the communities we serve.


Madison Grove stands as a beacon of our shared values and aspirations, a place where seniors can enjoy comfortable, enriching living environments. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact this project will have on the lives of its residents and the broader community. As we celebrate this achievement, we remain committed to pioneering projects that embody our vision of accessible, quality housing for all.




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