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WPC - Our People - Spotlight

Jeffrey Forrest quite literally “grew up” at WPC. From running through the halls at our first office as a toddler, to summer jobs throughout high school, and to his leadership role of today as WPC’s Director of Business Development. Jeffrey shares his unique perspective about WPC growth over the years.

“The family connection with WPC has always made the company important to me. From my time in the field to now leading our business development, that bond has grown. I care deeply about our team and the success we’re experiencing together.” says Jeffrey

As Director of Business Development, Jeffrey is involved in all aspects of the business and is central to propelling our core philosophy of Building Beyond the Blueprint®. A primary piece of which is our philosophy of identifying projects that allow us to work at our highest level and to deliver the greatest impact for our clients.

“We have a sweet spot for the number of projects we can deliver at one time, and WPC will continue staying disciplined to make sure we are delivering for our customers.” says Jeffrey

Our experience tells us that construction clients judge a project not solely on the work we complete for them, but equally on the service we are supplying after the project is done. As a general contractor, we are integrating services from hundreds of subcontractors and suppliers. We take seriously our commitment to manage warranty and service work that may be needed post construction. WPC handles this important segment of construction as a team.

“We moved away from having a warranty department leading the post-construction experience. The project teams, which already know the ins and outs of the projects, maintain ownership of service and warranty. This has helped our teams anticipate client’s needs and to react more efficiently.” says Jeffrey

Jeffrey Forrest, Jeff Forrest - WPC

Optimizing our processes and improving the construction experience for our clients is an ongoing focus for WPC, and the right project management software helps us accomplish those goals. Although there are a variety of solutions available, WPC choose the industry leader Procore. Jeffrey was central to the selection and integration of this new platform, he shares:

Adopting any new technology is an investment, and we considered many options. We knew Procore was a big commitment, and that implementation would have its challenges. However, our teams have been excited to have a software that makes them more efficient, eliminates redundancies, and allows them to focus their time in the field instead of completing paperwork. Initial client feedback has been positive, and we’re excited for the growth potential Procore provides.”

Today, as WPC is making strategic choices about how to evolve our business, we moved our corporate headquarters from our long-time space in Maitland to our new home at 529 East Crown Point Road, Suite 140 in Ocoee, Florida. Jeffrey shares on the experience of the move:

“When we moved into our new space in September, we took pause to reflect on the great work accomplished by our leadership teams over the last nearly 50 years – and to crystalize our vision for the next 50 years - as we serve each other, our customers, and our community.”



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