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Hit me with your best shot!

And the winner is....Team Wayne Automatic! Each year WPC and Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers challenge each other to a friendly tournament of skeet shooting in an event known as “The Hit or Miss Classic.”

The Hit or Miss Classic consists of the two teams (and their best 12 shooters), with each shooter having 100 shots at various stations. Highest total team score takes the trophy.

The 2023 edition represented a few firsts. The 2023 Hit or Miss Classic is the first tournament since the COVID-19 pandemic (2020), and the first at Blackjack Sporting Clays. The 2023 Hit or Miss Classic had familiarities to it as well, including the outcome. Since the inaugural event in 2013, the winners trophy has resided with Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers. Although this year represents by far the closest margin of victory (18), WPC will have to wait another year for a chance at capturing the coveted trophy.

This event is another great example of the valued relationships WPC has built over the last nearly 50 years. We look forward to the 2024 Hit or Miss Classic and most importantly we look forward to building more memories with a valued subcontractor – Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers.



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