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Fainemaker Spotlight

By: Jeff Forrest - President, WPC and Passionate Fainemaker

Giving back to the community is ingrained in WPC’s DNA, as I imagine it is in many companies. Whether it be by monetary contributions, volunteering, providing in-kind services or participating in a fundraiser, the act of giving back makes us feel good, is good business, and should be a part of who we are as good humans. Often, our charitable efforts are focused on organizations that assist children or young adults. Who we choose to support is motivated by two major factors; 1) Is the organizations founder(s) truly passionate about the outcome and are they invested in the long-term success of those they impact? 2) Can we measure our contribution through direct involvement with organization.

In the case of the Faine House, our criteria were easily satisfied. From the moment I met Jeff Faine, and those supporting his vision, we knew that the Faine House would be a great choice. I felt the passion of their story of how young adults aging out of the foster system were in dire need of a safe and supportive environment, and that we could assist in contributing to that effort by being a part of the construction of the facility. Jeff does not just talk about what he wants to achieve, he takes action and inspires those around him to do the same. Being a part of, and seeing the result of those actions, culminated when the first occupants of the Fiane House arrived at their new home. A place where they could learn, grow, be counselled, mentored, and no longer worry about having a safe place to sleep.

In the years following their arrival, these young adults became self-sufficient and productive members of society. This is why we chose the Faine House and continue to support their endeavors. I encourage you to make the same choice as I know you will “feel good” about you changing the lives of a young adult.

Jeff Forrest, President, WPC


WPC has donated over two million dollars and more than one thousand hours to support nonprofit organizations which are making unique and significant strides toward improving the quality of health and happiness for the communities in which we live and serve. To learn more about the many important projects we are supporting, check our Community Outreach Projects.



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