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Central Florida - Top 20 Most Philanthropic Companies

Companies “give back” for many reasons and in many ways. They give in the way of time, money, and talent to causes that inspire them or to fulfill urgent community needs. COVID has in many ways amplified our weaknesses as a society, but at the same time illuminated new pathways for companies and individuals to give back to their local communities.

Orlando Business Journal curates an annual list, Central Florida Philanthropic Companies, it ranks 2019 cash donations, and factors in-kind donations as well as volunteer hours. To be considered for the list, companies had to complete a detailed survey. OBJ notes that not all Central Florida companies completed the survey. To view the list, you need to be an OBJ subscriber, for a nominal fee you get a ton of great information all year long (OBJ depends in part on subscription revenue to keep paying their employees).

You will see big names like Universal Studios, with it is 24,500 employees (in 2019) giving over $15M. You will also find local favorites like Massey Services at number 2 with an impressive $5.6M and at number 5 Orlando Magic with just over a $1M.

WPC is happy to be on the TOP 20 List, coming in at number 17. Giving back to the communities in which we live and work has been a core part of The WPC Way, for over 45 years. WPC has donated over two million dollars to support local nonprofit organizations that are making unique and significant strides toward improving the quality of life for the communities in which we live and work. As a company, we have shared our talents in donating over one thousand hours to serve and enrich the lives of those living in the Central Florida community. Check out a list of nonprofit organizations that WPC supports.



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