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Building Bonds: Celebrating Friendly Competition in the Construction Industry

Within the bustling world of the construction industry, where collaboration and innovation are keys to success, there lies a cherished tradition that brings together skill, camaraderie, and a friendly competitive spirit. This tradition is the annual Hit or Miss Classic, a spirited contest between WPC and our valued friends and subcontractors from Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers.


The 2024 Hit or Miss Classic was hosted once again at the picturesque Blackjack Sporting Clays and this year's competition marked a significant milestone. For the first time since the inception of the event in 2013, WPC emerged victorious, breaking the winning streak held by Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers and claiming the coveted trophy. The final score was 701 to 665.

As in years past, the competition was fierce yet amiable, with each team fielding their top 12 shooters. Each participant was given 100 shots across a series of stations, with the team achieving the highest total score declared the winner. This year's showdown was particularly intense, with WPC edging out Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers by a slim margin, a testament to the skill and determination of both teams.

The Hit or Miss Classic is far more than a mere skeet shooting competition. It symbolizes the enduring relationships and mutual respect cultivated over nearly five decades in the construction industry. This event is a celebration of partnership, a testament to the bonds formed not just on job sites but in moments of shared joy and friendly rivalry.

Here's to the 2024 Hit or Miss Classic, a celebration of friendly competition and enduring partnerships. May this tradition continue to thrive, fostering a spirit of unity and excellence in all we do.



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