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The Story of Contractors Who Care

June 13, 2011 by Jeff Forrest

I was never shy when it came to asking my friends, colleagues, vendors and clients for contributions to whatever cause I was raising money for. iphone 6 plus gravity falls case I wouldn’t ask very often, but I always felt the causes were worth every effort when I did ask. iphone 6 360 case camo boys iphone 6 case kenzo iphone 6 case caseology Yet in the back of my head, I knew more could be accomplished if I was able to reach a greater number of people. lumi case iphone 8 The idea was simple; it’s easier to ask 100 people for $100 dollars than to find 10 people to contribute $1,000. iphone 7 glitter case gold magnetic phone case iphone 8 The key was reaching these100 people.

When my father died in 1997, I thought it would be honorable to create a scholarship in his name for a student interested in the construction industry. touch phone case iphone 7 plus glitter case for iphone 6 plus iphone 6 case plastic iphone 7 plus case armour heart phone case silver iphone 8 In order to make that happen, I’d have to connect to another 100 people. iphone 6 case perfect iphone 8 phone case cute This only meant one thing; I needed to reach more people.

WPC regularly donates to worthy causes. red iphone 7 case silicone iphone 6 case solid colour At our peak when the economy was flourishing, we donated tens of thousands of dollars annually to various organizations. personalised iphone 7 case prime 8 plus iphone cases girls When the economy changed and we were forced to reduce our spending, I realized that it would take a collaborated effort in order to help those organizations in a time when they needed it most. iphone 7 plus cases with holder animal iphone 6 case One hundred people would no longer be enough. belk iphone 7 case I would need to multiply the number of people I was connecting to. iphone 6 se case leather shock resistant iphone 7 plus case The only place I knew to turn was within my own industry. iphone 7 phone case character iphone 7 case logan paul lambogini iphone 7 case One with hundreds of thousands of companies, vendors and networked contacts, the construction industry was the answer. iphone 8 geometric case anne stokes iphone 7 case shockproof iphone 7 case black iphone 6 plus cases spigen navy blue iphone 6 plus case iphone 6 case handmade If I could reach out to a large portion of those people and get them to donate, on average, $100 each, then we could raise millions of dollars for worthy causes.

Having had the idea in my head for at least ten years and having talked about it with friends and family for several years, the time had come to act. iphone 7 case fade gold glitter iphone 7 plus case gear4 iphone case 6 I presented the idea to my Harvard classmates in May of 2011 and received the advice, feedback and encouragement I needed to move forward.

The question was how to galvanize such a large group of people behind the idea. iphone 8 plus phone case bulky iphone 7 disney phone cases rose case iphone x marble design iphone 7 plus case How would I convince them that we needed to do this? I realized that the answer is in our DNA. iphone 8 plus 256gb case iphone 7 case pink leather It is our instinct to help people. caseology iphone 7 case plus Caring is part of who we are as humans beings. With that, I knew I needed to ask our industry to care, thus Contractors Who Care (CWC) was born.

The next step was to cultivate a message with purpose and intent so that people would feel compelled to be involved with CWC. First and foremost, our goal is to give 100% of funds raised, back to our communities. otterbox symmetry iphone x case iphone 6 rubber case cat phone case charger iphone 6 plus Giving back to the communities in which we work, live and play is the cornerstone of this organization. funny iphone 7 plus phone cases We need to impact people that we see everyday and we want them to know we care.

Initially, there are at least two areas where funds will be distributed:

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