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Celebrating a Decade of Shared Knowledge

June 7, 2012 by Jeff Forrest

In a few short weeks, a few of us from WPC will be heading to Houston for the annual fall meeting with our construction partners. iphone 7 plus phone cases shockproof rose gold Although this collection of 8 General Contractors from around the United States began as an industry peer group, after 10 years of crying on each other’s shoulders, providing advice when times were tough, sharing lessons learned (some of them hard) and working together on projects, the relationships have blossomed into much more than that. iphone 6 phone cases front and back Calling them partners is a more appropriate description.

Without question, these are some of the finest companies and people I’ve met along my professional journey and without them WPC would not be the company we are today. iphone 7 dust case Allow me to introduce you to the group:

Anslow Bryant Construction, Houston, TX
Aristeo Construction, Detroit, MI
Bayley Construction, Seattle, WA
Dimeo Construction, Providence, RI
Lechase Construction, Rochester, NY
Nibbi Brothers, San Francisco, CA
Penta Building Group, Las Vegas, NV

As a member of this alliance, we leverage our collective strengths, resources, local and national knowledge, and individual relationships to address the ever-evolving service requirement of our clients. ted baker iphone 7 case with mirror This group allows us to consider projects with clients from southern California to New England.

Each company has a different skill set, and in some case market reach, but all them have a culture that is consistent with ours. iphone 8 case military grade spigen That culture allows us to feel comfortable recommending them or even better, working side by side, to serve our clients.

As we celebrate 10 years of shared knowledge, laughter, good food and wine, it is my hope that we continue to grow together and find personal and professional happiness and success for many years to come. vegan iphone 7 case I cannot thank James, Joe, Ron, Brad, Steve, Bill, Bob, Jeff, Ken and Blake enough for putting up with me and for being such good friends and partners.

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