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June 17, 2012 by Jeff Forrest

I decided I needed to take a more “warm and fuzzy” approach to this month’s blog, because apparently I ruffled a few feathers last month. iphone 6 case tan leather iphone 7 phone cases belkin Even though that was the intent and I received more positive feedback from that piece than any of my others, I’ll stay on the “PC” path this time around… ultra slim iphone 6 charge case iphone 8 plus dustproof case iphone 6 plus strong case iphone 6 ladies case iphone 7 speigen case iphone 8 plus phone case batman designer brand iphone 7 case but don’t get too use to it.

Some of you might know that I am a huge NBA fan and have been a season ticket holder for the Orlando Magic for 23 years. iphone 6 case element iphone 7 white phone cases iphone 8 case hard back mulberry iphone 8 case iphone 8 plus thermal case My son turned 23 last July and I have raised not only a great kid, but also a die-hard Magic fan. army iphone 6 case best case for iphone 6 iphone 6 apple charger case iphone 6 case boys fortnite iphone 7 plus case black iphone 7 plus phone case rose gold iphone 8 plus magnetic case I say all that because Orlando is getting ready to host the NBA All-Star game next week and my son and I could not be more excited. snug iphone 6 case iphone 7 plus case michael kors iphone 7 plus phone glass case iphone 8 plus qi case Not just because I want to see the actual event, but because our city will come alive for that week and realize a huge boost of much needed income and spirit.

As I read the list of “All-Stars” that will be here and playing, I started to think of our own All-Stars. iphone 8 plus case dragon ball iphone 8 case rangers fc rude iphone 6 case spigen iphone 7 cases plus led light phone case iphone 7 tortoise iphone 6 case teen wolf iphone 7 case The WPC All-Stars that have dedicated their careers to working for this great company and who have truly made us successful. iphone 7 phone cases and screen protector game boy phone case iphone 6 disney princess phone cases iphone 8 tangled iphone 7 case iphone 6 case armour white 7 plus case iphone We measure success in many ways, and obviously revenue and profits are one of those ways, but for me, one of the best metrics of success is how long people have been a part of the WPC family. eeyore phone case iphone 6 iphone 6 plus colour case hairyworm personalised phone case iphone 7 belt case iphone 7

Take a look at this list:

15 to 20 years…
Shawn Maes
Nick Transue
David Cooper
Robert Soper
Charlie Cecil
Mike Ferguson
Mike Barton
Rex Davidson
Kevin Corrado
Chuck Reynolds
Harry Rogers
Chris Ambrose

20 to 25 years…
Wes Vanderbunt

25 to 30 years…
Paul Caruana
Dave Emde
Holly Blankenship
Mary Dussault

Over 30 years…
John McCahan
Larry Muller

Think about what that says about a company. ultra slim case iphone 7 personalise phone case iphone 7 iphone 8 plus case arsenal bow iphone 8 plus case iphone 6 case colourful What it says about perseverance, loyalty, and dedication from the team members’ point of view. iphone 7 case ted baker black light case iphone 8 plus iphone 8 camo case phone cases iphone 6 men iphone 8 plus case builders iphone 6 mirror case rose gold iphone 7 plus glass back case What it says about the culture of our company and what it means to long-term clients who call us after many years and get to hear a familiar voice. qi case iphone 7 plus iphone 7 gel case for girls iphone 8 plus case speck iphone 7 case blue leather sherlock iphone 8 case For me, personally, it means that I wake up everyday knowing that I can tell the story of how we strive to be the best construction company in the business and that there are people that I can trust to work hard everyday to keep our reputation.

Of course we have a lot of young talent that keep us old guys on our toes and push us to stay ahead of the curve. iphone 7 plus hard case glitter quote phone case iphone 6 plus apple iphone 7 plus case leather pink iphone 8 full body case iphone 6 case happy jackson anne stokes phone case iphone 6 The combination of new and seasoned staff makes for a great recipe and it also makes for sustainability. iphone 6 durable phone case iphone 7 phone cases womens iphone 8 case lifeproof liquid glitter iphone 8 case iphone 6 sparkle case The company is 38 years old this year, and I have no doubt it will be around for decades to come.

So, as the city starts filling up with basketball stars, fans, and media, I’ll be cheering for more than just my favorite sport. phone case glitter iphone 7 plus phone cases iphone 6 plus shock proof dog iphone 6 phone case iphone 7 slip case hasma iphone 6 case I’ll be cheering for the WPC team to keep running the plays that make us great.

P.S. iphone 6 case flowers silicone iphone 6 liquid glitter case powerbank case iphone 7 iphone 7 plus phone cases unicorn glitter iphone 8 case card holder I will not be cheering for Lebron.

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