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September, 2013

  1. I Remember That

    September 5, 2013 by Jeff Forrest

    I’ve always been a “look forward” kind of person – looking ahead to what needs to be accomplished, rather than what has already been done. By not living in the past, I don’t worry about what I may have missed. Time moves so fast that if I spend too much of it in regret, I’d neglect what is right in front of me. I’m a “today’s-a-new-day” guy, so let’s get to work creating memories we’ll forget. I suppose that last statement doesn’t make much sense, but it sure does seem that I’ve forgotten more than I’ve remembered.

    Why do I say all this? I’m turning 50 years old next month and it’s causing me to stop, turn around, and look back. It seems like just yesterday I was 15 – still in high school and working weekends and during the summer as a laborer, then eventually a carpenter. In those days, my career at this company was just getting started. Little did I know, 35 years later I’d be leading (along with some great partners) one of the largest and most prominent general contractors in Florida, and working for a fantastic group of clients building some “memorable” projects.

    As I get ready to celebrate half a century of living, WPC is getting ready to celebrate a milestone, as well. In January of 2014, our company celebrates 40 years of business. In this instance, my memory serves me well and I reflect upon how we’ve affected the landscape of our hometown, many areas of Florida, the Southeast and other parts of the country. There are too many projects to list here, but as we go through old photos in preparation of the festivities that will last all year long, I’ll be sure to share our projects, as well as the people who’ve worked and shaped this company into who we are today. It will indeed be a fun stroll down memory lane.

    On a forward thinking note, I’m very proud to announce that another generation of Forrest’s has joined (or should I say rejoined) the WPC team. My son, having taken a 7-year hiatus from the construction industry to attend college and play professional poker, has recently retired from one form of gambling in order to “enjoy” another. Winning the WPT World Championship highlighted his career as a professional card player and I know his memories of those days will not fade anytime soon. Although faced with the challenge of being the boss’s son will not be easy, I know that his skills at the poker table will come in very handy as he maneuvers the waters of our very challenging business.

    It’s time for me to take my Ginkgo Biloba and catch up on some Luminosity exercises. Check out our web page for the latest project news and stay tuned for another 40 years of great memories.