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  1. Celebrating a Decade of Shared Knowledge

    June 7, 2012 by Jeff Forrest

    In a few short weeks, a few of us from WPC will be heading to Houston for the annual fall meeting with our construction partners. iphone 7 plus phone cases shockproof rose gold Although this collection of 8 General Contractors from around the United States began as an industry peer group, after 10 years of crying on each other’s shoulders, providing advice when times were tough, sharing lessons learned (some of them hard) and working together on projects, the relationships have blossomed into much more than that. iphone 6 phone cases front and back Calling them partners is a more appropriate description.

    Without question, these are some of the finest companies and people I’ve met along my professional journey and without them WPC would not be the company we are today. iphone 7 dust case Allow me to introduce you to the group:

    Anslow Bryant Construction, Houston, TX
    Aristeo Construction, Detroit, MI
    Bayley Construction, Seattle, WA
    Dimeo Construction, Providence, RI
    Lechase Construction, Rochester, NY
    Nibbi Brothers, San Francisco, CA
    Penta Building Group, Las Vegas, NV

    As a member of this alliance, we leverage our collective strengths, resources, local and national knowledge, and individual relationships to address the ever-evolving service requirement of our clients. ted baker iphone 7 case with mirror This group allows us to consider projects with clients from southern California to New England.

    Each company has a different skill set, and in some case market reach, but all them have a culture that is consistent with ours. iphone 8 case military grade spigen That culture allows us to feel comfortable recommending them or even better, working side by side, to serve our clients.

    As we celebrate 10 years of shared knowledge, laughter, good food and wine, it is my hope that we continue to grow together and find personal and professional happiness and success for many years to come. vegan iphone 7 case I cannot thank James, Joe, Ron, Brad, Steve, Bill, Bob, Jeff, Ken and Blake enough for putting up with me and for being such good friends and partners.

  2. Building Beyond the Blueprint

    June 27, 2011 by Jeff Forrest

    Building Beyond the Blueprint

    Throughout our 37 years, many people have tried to define the “WPC Way”. checkered iphone 8 case anker power case iphone 7 iphone 8 plus case comic minnie mouse iphone 7 plus case Is it a culture or an attitude? Is it what we do or how we do it? If you ask anyone who has been a part of this company, chances are you’ll get a multitude of answers. iphone 7 phone case charger iphone 7 plus case bape channel iphone 7 case iphone 6 case silver But, I suppose, we should ask why we do the things that we do in the first place. iphone 6 case leather black iphone spigen case 7 man city iphone 7 case apple iphone 8 case camo iphone 6 charging phone case Now that’s a good question.

    One very good reason is the fact that, at last count, there were more than 80,000 commercial general contractors in the U.S. phone case iphone 6 spigen hybrid iphone 8 case alone. rabbit iphone 7 case toro iphone x case iphone 8 plus case friends tv show iphone cases 7 silicon rhino case iphone 7 iphone 6 case the new day yellow silicone iphone 7 plus case phone cases iphone 6 silicone Not to mention some bad apples that have given our industry’s reputation a few bruises. disney phone cases iphone 6 iphone 7 plus case floral 6 case iphone male flamingo case iphone 7 plus iphone 7 phone cases unicorn beetle channing tatum iphone 6 case That’s a lot of competition and predisposition to overcome. iphone 6 case cheap black iphone 6 case with stand silicone phone case charger iphone 7 iphone 6 rainbow case liverpool iphone 6 plus case iphone 7 phone case folio rose gold marble iphone 8 case skinny dip phone case iphone 7 plus To stand out in a sea of GCs and capture our fair share of work requires us to be special…to be different.

    A lot of contractors can build good projects at a competitive price. iphone 7 plus apple case silicone torro cases iphone 7 iphone 7 case paint torro iphone 7 plus leather case Frankly, following plans, specifications, and codes, and listening to your client should be cost of entry for any good contractor. spygen iphone 7 case iphone 8 case pug iphone 6 case beauty lv phone case iphone 8 dragonball iphone 8 case iphone 6 diamante case We also do those things, but that’s not what makes us different. the best iphone 7 case catalyst case iphone 7 iphone 6 case big bang theory beach iphone 8 case It’s all the other things we do that result in building beyond the blueprint. iphone 6 cute case squishy britney spears iphone 7 case groot iphone 6 case lifeproof iphone 7 plus case skech phone case iphone 6 best iphone 6 plus cases iphone 6 case for black iphone

    The short answer to why WPC builds beyond the blueprint is that, if we didn’t, someone else would fill the vacuum. music iphone 8 plus case iphone 7 plus phone cases with screen protector pattern iphone 8 plus case If we don’t stay ahead of the competition, if we don’t constantly look for ways to improve, we’ll end up stagnant or out of business. iphone 6 full case yellow iphone 8 plus uag case anka iphone 7 case iphone 8 case medieval victorias secret pink iphone 6 case iphone 6 case zendo Why is it that companies like Apple, Facebook, Wal-Mart, Target, and Google continue to thrive and others like MySpace, Kmart, and AOL do not? The former have core values and fundamentals that they execute at the highest levels. iphone 6 case plush iphone 8 plus floral case iphone 7 case pieces ted baker iphone 8 case silver They don’t rest on what they’ve done and strive to always keep improving.

    Building beyond the blueprint means more than I can describe in this article. mandala phone case iphone 8 plus claires iphone 6 case marble iphone 6 cases girls iphone 6 case jet black At WPC we live it every day and execute it at the highest level. iphone 6 case in black iphone 8 cases with card holder iphone 7 phone case anime iphone 8 case surphy liquid silicone gel rubber We must fight to keep our spot among the elite general contractors and not become a commodity.

  3. Competing Against Acceptable

    June 10, 2011 by Jeff Forrest

    Why is it that acceptable is…well, acceptable? Whether it is quality work or good service, why are we surprised when we see it or receive it? More often than not, we accept acceptable because it is more the norm than exceptional work or service. iphone 7 phone case ombre starbucks phone case iphone 7 plus blue phone case iphone 6 apple leather iphone 8 case iphone 6 case oretech protective phone cases iphone 8 plus Perhaps it comes down to price. iphone 7 case labato cute iphone 8 plus case 360 protect case iphone 8 plus iphone 7 case suede otter iphone 6 case People are willing to pay less as long as they get an acceptable return. versace iphone 7 case best friend phone cases iphone 8 plus underwater phone case for iphone 6 taking photoes iphone 8 plus case wales adventure time iphone 7 case We see it everyday in the construction industry and for the WPC team, acceptable is not…acceptable.

    When we think of companies like Apple, Ritz Carlton, Disney and others that provide exceptional products or service, we realize that what people really are seeking is quality. proporta iphone 7 case iphone 8 plus case disney beauty and the beast iphone 8 cases skull iphone 8 dreamcatcher case iphone 7 plus phone case with screen protector People pay more for an Apple product, a room at the Ritz or a ticket to go see Mickey but they expect their experience to be excellent. dream catcher phone case iphone 7 powerbank case iphone 6 cheap disney phone cases iphone 6 iphone 6 plus phone cases for girls iphone 8 plus case eeyore ultra thin iphone 7 case spigen baby blue iphone 7 case That’s how we want WPC to be thought of. case iphone 7 plus leather iphone 6 case with ring grip iphone 7 phone cases summer iphone 7 minnie mouse phone case iphone 7 plus case rock When people see our logo or talk about our work, we want it to be synonymous with amazing customer service and outstanding quality. spigen case for iphone 6 iphone 6 case front and back iphone 6 case running iphone 7 plus branded case iphone 7 case iphone 8 case lermx lighting iphone 7 case iphone 8 gold case We want them to feel good about the value they receive for the price they pay.

    Competing against acceptable is not easy because cost is such a driving factor in the decisions that our clients make. iphone 6 black charger case iphone 8 thin case iphone 6 plus motorbike case iphone 6 plus double cheap rubber cover case fortnite phone case iphone 7 plus iphone 6 genuine melkco leather case squishies iphone x case Estimating and pre-construction’s job is to show our clients what the “real” price is for quality work and to show them the value in every number we give them. musical phone case iphone 7 tech21 iphone 6 plus case iphone 6 case charge lumi phone case iphone 7 union jack phone case iphone 8 gold phone case iphone 6 This includes costs for proper water intrusion details, higher quality windows, exterior paints and other quality materials that are critical to achieving exceptional. audrey hepburn iphone 8 case iphone 8 plus phone case speck iphone 8 plus phone case skinny dip guess iphone 6 case Using prices from subcontractors that will not only start the job but will finish it is part of the exceptional formula. teen wolf phone case iphone 6 fairy iphone 6 case audi iphone 7 phone cases greys anatomy iphone 6 plus case iphone 7 plus phone case and glass screen protector Operation’s job is to provide enough experienced supervision to make sure all these things come together and that we execute with excellence. fabric iphone x case battery case for iphone 6 iphone 7 plus apple case red steampunk iphone 8 plus case iphone 7 plus rechargeable case iphone 8 case with storage iphone 7 phone cases plants That is what WPC does and that is why people tell us over and over again that our work is the best they’ve ever seen. iphone 8 mickey mouse case rose gold 360 iphone 6 case harley davidson iphone 7 plus case star wars iphone 7 plus case leather iphone 6 card case tough iphone 7 case iphone 6 case plush easyacc iphone x case iphone 6 back cover case Why is that not normal? I suppose it’s better for us that it isn’t.

    It takes every member of the WPC team to provide quality work and exceptional customer service. iphone 6 shockproof cases blue personal phone cases iphone 6 iphone 8 case shockproof glitter shockproof case for iphone 7 plus iphone 6 jordan case It takes every member of the WPC team to Build Beyond the Blueprint. 8 case iphone shockproof iphone 6 phone case with stand iphone 7 plus case name cool iphone 7 plus case iphone 7 plus phone cases shark iphone 8 case charger cover Whether answering the phone, paying subs and suppliers, interacting with architects and consultants, preparing status reports or on the front lines at a job, everything will be remembered. personalised marble phone case iphone 7 plus the originals phone case iphone 7 donald duck iphone 8 plus case It’s how WPC is remembered that is the distinguishing factor.

  4. Gratitude Built On Remembrance

    June 8, 2011 by Jeff Forrest

    Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed an increasing number of documentaries and TV shows on September 11, 2001 (9/11). kanye west phone case iphone 6 gold phone case iphone 6 As we approach the 10th anniversary of that life-changing day, I found myself contemplating the past 10 years and how that day changed our lives. iphone 6 plus case pattern superman phone case iphone 6 bape iphone 6 plus case ted baker iphone 6 case cases iphone 6 leather iphone 7 colour case I wont go into where I was or what I was doing on that day. floveme iphone 8 plus case touch iphone 8 case iphone 6 case bling glitter protective iphone 7 cases iphone 6 case shockproof case marble iphone 6 plus case pineapple off white case iphone 6 iphone 6 case military duty light up iphone 6 plus case We all have our own personal stories. iphone 7 plus case set iphone 8 plus phone case simpson iphone 7 case black leather iphone 6 extra protective case silicone iphone 7 case glitter But, as I reflect I realize that as a company, perhaps 9/11 made us more patriotic. iphone 8 fashion case iphone 8 plus case disney marie iphone 6 palm tree case iphone 8 plus case spigen slim iphone 7 plus case camo nillkin iphone 7 case iphone 8 case glitter case Not too long after 9/11 we added an 800 square foot American flag on the front of our corporate office. phone case for iphone 7 black iphone 6 cases with card holder iphone 7 plus phone cases water lv phone case iphone 7 iphone 7 phone cases plane surphy iphone 6 case iphone 6 card case slim iphone 7 case marc jacobs iphone 7 phone cases bride In addition, as you walk into our lobby you’ll find a plaque memorializing the events of 9/11. iphone 8 case with cover iphone 7 plus case card iphone 6 glitter cases iphone 6 phone cases for women stylish iphone 8 plus case rock case iphone 8 plus It’s unfortunate that it takes something of such a catastrophic nature to open our eyes to what we take for granted everyday; the freedom that is provided to us by so many men and woman protecting us both on our own soil and abroad.

    What has become very apparent to me in the past decade are the choices we’ve made and the added meaning behind some of our charitable activities. iphone 7 plus phone case skull iphone 7 phone case light iphone 8 case work iphone 7 phone cases wolf iphone 7 phone cases marbel Specifically, charities related to wounded veterans that hit a special cord in our sentiments. iphone 7 smart battery case mickey iphone 6 plus case cute phone cases iphone 7 sena case iphone 8 plus iphone 6 phone case with ring best iphone 8 plus case pink iphone 8 harry potter case Perhaps they have more meaning because so many young men and woman are fighting wars that were motivated by 9/11. ranvoo iphone 6 case shockproof 360 iphone 8 case iphone 6 harry potter quote case iphone 6 plus phone cases for girls iphone 6 finding dory case camouflage iphone 6 case tortoise iphone 7 case touch screen iphone 7 case And, as a result, more and more of them are being permanently injured or killed.

    We were approached a few years back by the Johnny Damon foundation to sponsor his events. iphone 7 phone cases tractor lego case iphone 6 porsche iphone 6 plus case iphone 6 case with animals The idea that Johnny was the national spokesperson for the Wounded Warrior Project and that a portion of the proceeds from his events goes to the WWP made us far more willing to provide support. case battery iphone 7 plus iphone 7 plus case for black for iphone 7 plus case wonder woman iphone 7 plus case And when WPC was asked to participate in the Home at Last projects, a unique effort to honor combat-wounded veterans of the present military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan by providing them with mortgage-free homes, we jumped at the opportunity. moshi case iphone 7 plus checkered iphone 8 case iphone 7 case alice in wonderland iphone 6 plus funny case iphone 6 slim leather case We’ve proudly participated in the construction of three of those homes and, without hesitation, have signed up for the fourth. iphone 7 plus cases torras portable phone charger case iphone 7 plus marbel phone case iphone 6 minion iphone 7 case iphone 8 plus case luxury jack wills iphone x case iphone 7 phone cases golden fluffy cases for iphone 7 WPC will continue to support these efforts and others with honor and patriotic commitment.

    A considerable number of lives were affected far more personally than I was as a result of the events on 9/11. belt case iphone 7 iphone 8 case disney glitter iphone 8 ulak case rubber iphone 6 case shockproof iphone 8 rubber case sushi phone case iphone 7 plus sycode iphone 7 case Yet seeing how our charitable actions affect these wounded vets adds a special sense of pride.

  5. 2011 Comes to a Close

    June 7, 2011 by Jeff Forrest

    As I write this month’s blog, I am at 37,000 feet flying from Hong Kong to Manila. man united iphone 6 case iphone 6 plus rubber case friends iphone case iphone 7 Ultimately, I will end up on Boracay Island in the Philippines for the wedding of two of my best friends, Angela & Eric. case iphone 7 leather nouske iphone 8 case rubber case for iphone 6 fall out boy iphone 6 case That’s probably more information than you need to know, but for me it is the culmination of a roller coaster ride of a year and one that ends on a high note – both literally and figuratively.

    The year began with hopes of a steady economic recovery and hopeful growth in our markets that include multifamily, student housing, senior housing, military housing and hospitality. 3d iphone 7 case At one time or another in 2011, we had new construction or renovation projects in every one of these market segments and were fortunate to be busy…perhaps busier than most. iphone 8 leather case pink 4 7 iphone 7 plus silicon case apple iphone 6 case designer brands iphone 6 plus case disney stylish iphone 7 plus case We started the University House Central Florida student housing project near UCF, the Serenades by Sonata memory care facility in Longwood, Florida; the Lost Creek Apartments project in Manatee County, Florida; and Heroes Village military housing at Camp Lejeune, in North Carolina. iphone 6 case sleek isoul iphone 7 case iphone 8 personalised photo case phone cases iphone 6 man united In addition, we were already working with Vacation Villas at Fantasy World on their new water park and administration building as well as remodeling timeshare units for our long time client, Orange Lake Country Club.

    The outlook was very positive, especially compared to 2010. protective iphone 8 plus case disney stitch iphone 7 case Our pre-construction and estimating department was busier than ever working on both certain and potential projects. iphone 6 case rose iphone 6 case next day delivery iphone 7 case finger holder iphone 6 case translucent transparent flower iphone 6 case Many of these projects, however, were stymied mid-year by the uncertainty of the US financial situation. iphone 6 gameboy case winnie the pooh iphone 6 case The inability of our politicians to work towards a solution that was in the best interest of our country frightened many. This made decision making difficult as related to financing and development. iphone 6 plus cases tech 21 iphone 7 orla kiely case The hesitancy continued for the remainder of the year with not only political bickering between parties, but the onset of next year’s election and the candidates sparring for position. ultra slim iphone 6 plus case star wars iphone 8 plus case couples iphone 6 case Continued financial unrest both domestically and abroad did nothing to help the situation. Thus, uncertainty continued.

    In addition to all this, the financial strength of many subcontractors and suppliers was being tested as result of lower margins and tighter competition. iphone 7 plus case rugged daisy phone case iphone 6 sleo iphone 7 case lifeproof case iphone 8 plus Some of these venders, many seasoned with a history of fiscal responsibility, fell by the wayside effecting the schedules and economics of projects. iphone 7 plus phone cases clayco iphone 7 plus phone cases marble card holder iphone 6 plus hard case gold This was not a recipe for success and, unfortunately, we have not seen the end of these failures.

    In spite of all the challenges we faced, we were fortunate to continue to capture work. iphone 6 case caseology lv iphone 8 case iphone 8 plus penguin case apple iphone 6 silicone case blue We negotiated the second phase of the Heroes Village project, began pre-construction on the next Serenades at Sonata to be built in Winter Garden, Florida and started a renovation project in Las Vegas with our teaming partner, Penta Building Group. iphone 7 lightning case iphone 8 otterbox commuter case iphone 6 case yello iphone 8 case matte black owm iphone 8 case iphone 7 case official apple Penta and WPC are also preparing to break ground on the next tower of The Grandview at Las Vegas. iphone 6 plus tech 21 case iphone 7 plus case summer protective cases for iphone 8 plus In addition, we were selected to provide pre-construction services for two downtown Orlando multifamily projects and have been working with a new client on multifamily deals in Tampa and South Florida. iphone 6 case orange and black iphone 7 plus see through case iphone 7 plus phone cases for teen girls

    The old adage that people do business with those who they know, like and trust is very true for WPC. phone cases iphone 6 plus personalised narwhal phone case iphone 7 plus rugged case for iphone 7 minions iphone 6 case The opportunities continue to be there as we build on lasting relationships and cultivate new ones. iphone 7 case water iphone 7 plus phone case shockproof cute phone case iphone 6 iphone 8 case red marble iphone 7 case marble hard Those developers that value what we provide over our competitors, who want exceptional rather than acceptable, will be who we work hard for and will be the ones that help us survive in these continually troubled times. gear4 iphone case 6 plus armani iphone 6 phone case rainbow iphone 6 case iphone 7 cases black and white beatles iphone 8 case Building Beyond the Blueprint is more than just a saying; it is the culture of WPC and our efforts will always be to strive to distinguish ourselves through something more than being treated as a commodity.

    As I prepare to land in Manila, I also prepare to arrive at gate 2012. iphone 6 case manchester united spegen iphone 6 case black iphone 7 case silicone WPC remains cautious about the future regardless of what we are faced with. iphone 7 plus case stainless steel iphone 6 plus cases flower iphone 6 rugged case animal phone case iphone 7 plus We will always follow the words of my father; wake up everyday and work hard. prime iphone 6 case girls iphone 8 tactical case iphone 6 silicon case yellow iphone 8 plus girls phone cases Although I won’t share with you the shenanigans that will no doubt occur at this wedding, trust me when I say that it will be memorable. iphone 8 plus case personalised marble These are the kinds of memories I hope all of you had for 2011 and will have in 2012.