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Value Engineering - Creative Renovations

Creative thinking owners and developers are looking to remodel, re-purpose, restore, upgrade or update existing facilities to open new potential for profitability. Many are taking advantage of WPCs resources to re-tool existing assets to meet changes in economic conditions, technology, demographics, trends, tastes and lifestyles. They are finding that there may be no better time than the present to remodel from restaurant to retail, convert from commercial to high tech office space or make any number of reconfigurations. Building renovation makes environmental sense. Re-purposing an existing structure is like a large-scale recycling program. Requiring much less energy, resource materials and carbon emissions than new construction, building renovation is a developer’s path to profit potential that is environmentally friendly. Also on the environmental front, many renovation projects are for upgrading to more energy efficient technologies. WPC has more than a dozen LEED-certified experts who can make a significant contribution in developing and completing “Green” renovations. As an experienced Florida renovation contractor, we know how to work with developers to create the most efficient and effective process available.

Jeff Forrest, our President and COO, explains: “We have found that successful owners and developers purchased or built their current facility where it stands because the location was right. Changes in the economy may have brought about changes in the demographics of the neighborhood, but more times than not, a good location remains a good location. That is why so many are looking for solutions to renew, refurbish, or completely re-invent their current structures.” “Working as a strategic renovation partner, we begin with a detailed structural analysis and solid pre-planning to bring new life and profit potential to an existing building, facility, or complex.

The key is to get a strategy and schedule in place that will maximize efficiency and cost effectiveness. We look very carefully for potential opportunities as well as potential pitfalls. Such ‘value engineering’ provides the innovations and solutions to do things right the first time to keep budgets lean and schedules strictly on track.” “Because we have honed our estimating, scheduling and value engineering processes over hundreds of commercial, multifamily, student housing, senior living, hospitality, and renovation/ conversion projects in our 38 year history, we can bring a lot of experience to the table. For projects large or small, from simple tenant improvements to total retooling of existing assets, owners get the full measure of our construction expertise and resources.”



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