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May is Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

May 11, 2020


(Winter Park, Florida) - Winter Park Construction (WPC) believes that the foundation of a strong and healthy organization is built by healthy and happy employees - and their families. For over 45 years, WPC has taken a holistic approach to employee happiness, ensuring not only that their 140+ full-time employees enjoy the highest level of safety on the job - but by designing an environment in which healthy habits are nurtured and rewarded.

WPC President, Jeff Forrest knows of the importance of growing a healthy and happy workplace, he comments: “As a community and as an industry, we’ve been compelled to establish new operational and communication procedures as we define our new-norm in a post-covid world. As the world is opening back up, safely and slowly, at WPC we are reinforcing our commitment to what we’ve always believed - that healthy employees make a happy workplace”

Every year in May, Global Employee Health and Fitness Month aims to improve the health of the global workforce. Through initiatives and helpful programs, the campaign encourages employers to engage their employees in healthful activities.

WPC is participating in the national 2020 Healthiest Employers Awards Program. Awarded locally by the Orlando Business as Central Florida’s Healthiest Employer Award, finalists announced this fall.

WPC Health and Wellness Programs for Employees

The WPC Run Walk Club gives employees and their families an opportunity to participate in year-long events across Central Florida ranging from family walks to competitive marathons. WPC funds the activities, with all ages and levels being represented, nearly 30% of the WPC team in the club. Plus, participants earn points per kilometer walked.

WPC pays employees to STOP SMOKING. Employees sign up to kick the habit and check-in at regular intervals with the program administrator. The Company starts participants off by reimbursing up to $500 for smoking cessation aids. At the 180-day milestone, employees receive a $500 reward. After another six months, they receive another $500 reward. The program began in 2013 and so far, 18 employees have kicked the habit.

WPC Weight Loss - WPC employees can earn between $3 and $15 per pound lost on the program. The program offers information, support, and accountability.

WPC Gym Membership Program - WPC contributes up to $1,000 a year for employees to join a local fitness facility, plus pays up to $500 for their family members. To encourage results, employees report attendance, which equates to how much they will get paid. (3 Days a week is $88)

Wellness Program - WPC offers a full menu of health insurance options, in which employees can earn discounts by participating in the WPC Wellness Program. WPC partners with Nurtur to provide employees with a comprehensive internet-based health management program that offers healthcare information, assessments, and customized programs. Plus, by participating in the Wellness Program, employees can earn discounts on their healthcare plans - for things as easy as getting their annual physical.

WPC President, Jeff Forrest, “Safety is a top priority in the construction industry and having employees that are in good shape and feeling great, absolutely makes for a safer, more efficient and healthier environment.”

Since 1974, WPC has provided general contractor, pre-construction, construction management, and renovation services to Central Florida and the southeast United States. With over $200M in projects set for completion in 2020, WPC provides employment for 140+ full-time employees and thousands of subcontractor positions. With a portfolio rich in many sectors, in 2020 WPC is focusing on construction projects in the hospitality sector and in the senior living market as well as on major renovation projects.



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