WPC builds projects that are enduring legacies of remarkable quality.  Each project is a community - from the people involved in its design and construction to those who eventually occupy them.

As one of the largest builders in the Central Florida construction industry, WPC has been the energy behind some of the most exciting, community-building, sky-line changing projects - of the last 45+ years. Having completed over 200 million square feet of construction, our dedication to each project and our commitment to "doing the right thing the first time" - is all part of The WPC Way. WPC's combined experience, innovative approach and dedication to building and nurturing relationships with our employees, subcontractors, suppliers and vendors -speaks to our core value of building beyond the blueprint.

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From our headquarters in the hospitality capital of the world, WPC is standing by to co-create your next hospitality project. Did you know that WPC one of the largest builders of vacation resorts in the world?

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Whether your next renovation project is designed to grow your team, improve your efficiency or increase business traffic - WPC is your renovation expert.

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With nearly 15% of Americans being ages 65 or older, and with that number expected to double by 2060 - the need for senior living centers is quickly expanding - especially in Florida. 

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Student housing is central to student life for so many of the nearly 20 million students currently enrolled in public or private college in the United States. Whether a private room or a shared apartment - these spaces along with cafeterias, study centers and recreation areas -  turn into a "home away from home" for students.

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WPC is expert at creating made-to-last multifamily projects on many scales. We have a long history of working with owners and developers to stay on brand and on budget - creating quality aesthetics at scale. 

The WPC Way

WPC's combined experience, insightful approach, and
dedication to building and nurturing loyal relationships with our teams,
suppliers, and clients will benefit YOU both in the near term and for
generations to come. That’s what we call building beyond the blueprint.