Building beyond the blueprint

Starts with sustainability

WPC has possessed the ability, talent, and training to build green when other companies still thought it was just a color.

Around the office, green initiatives have been part of the WPC culture for years. At least 14 WPC employees are LEED accredited professionals – including nearly one third of all of our Project Managers and Superintendents. We also have Board Membership with the local chapter of the USGBC. Our corporate office is LEED-EBOM Gold certified, we have sustainable purchasing programs, and our entire vehicle fleet has been converted to higher efficiency, lower emissions standards.

On job sites, before construction even begins, we have performed detailed building life cycle analysis, and once construction is in full swing, our solid waste management programs go into action, recycling construction debris.

WPC is fully-vested in a comprehensive front office to front lines building green approach, and sustainability is not a concept–its our favorite verb.

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