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Forty and Counting

December 9, 2013 by Jeff Forrest

In January 2014, WPC will be celebrating its 40th year in business. It is a little hard to believe, but what an amazing ride it has been! From our humble beginnings as a small framing and remodeling company so many years ago to becoming one of the nation’s most prominent general contractors, we have enjoyed success that many only experience in their dreams.

Although our reach spans from one side of the country to the other (and many stops in between), we’ve maintained that small company feel and continue to provide the quality and dedication that has earned us our reputation. We’ve earned countless awards and recognized by many organizations for our outstanding workmanship and, equally as important, for what we’ve given back to our community. We gauge our company’s success on many factors, though one of the most important metrics is the tenure of our employees. Approximately 25% of our staff have a tenure of more than 15 years. These dedicated team members (and many others) worked through the very good times and some extremely difficult times, yet remained committed to the company. They exemplify WPC’s culture and are a significant part of its history.

Reminiscing and feeling nostalgic over the telling history of WPC, however, will not ensue our future sustainability. Staying ahead of the competition requires more than just a great story. It necessitates constant and never-ending improvement. It beseeches a relentless pursuit of excellence and execution of the processes and procedures that have been and will be developed throughout the company. It requires tenured staff and current leaders to cultivate the youth of WPC and guide them along a path of successful growth so that they, too, can be on this list. The momentum of WPC allows no room for complacency and the route to our success involves little relaxation. All of our clients have put their trust in us and need our full attention; taking a break is not an option.

However, many of you know that I like to celebrate and the company’s 40th year will give us many opportunities to do just that. Though we will remain focused and steadfast to our goals, 40 years is a milestone that entails a party or two. We hope you will celebrate with us – cheers!

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