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Watertight with WPC’s Seal the Box

June 10, 2012 by Jeff Forrest

I’d like thank you for the comments from last month’s blog. I appreciate everyone’s feedback and enjoyed some of your own rants, as well.

I’m writing this month’s blog from an airplane at 38,000 feet with Charlie Cecil, head of our Renovations & Special Projects Division, as we head to Vegas for meetings on a new project in the west. Charlie and his team have been busy in many parts of the country making old things new again and it’s exciting to be part of these projects.

It’s hurricane season and this time of the year always makes us worry a little.  No matter how well prepared you are, Mother Nature can do some serious damage as we have seen throughout the country. One of WPC’s selling points is our experience with water intrusion and the efforts we make in order to prevent it when building new projects.

I’ve said it many times that we’ve made our fair share of mistakes, but we’ve learned from all (or most) of them. Those lessons are constantly being communicated, especially in the form of our Seal the Box program. This program is a compilation of processes and details focused on preventing Mother Nature from doing damage and we are very proud of how well we’ve executed this program.

Experienced developers know full well the importance of implementing these types of processes. Developers that are new to geographical markets that can be affected by torrential rains appreciate what we bring to the table.

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