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Time to Stop Bitching (I Mean Whining) About the Past

June 12, 2012 by Jeff Forrest

When I sat down to write this blog, I had two titles for it…“Time to Move Forward” or “Time to Stop Bitching About the Past.” I like the second one, but some people have told me to be politically correct.  I’ve never been real keen on political correctness, but I’ll give it a try; and consider this a warning not to read further if you’re easily offended as my “PC” efforts may fall short.

I’m getting a bit tired of talking about the past and how the economy has changed our world.  The idea that breaking even is a good thing, kind of sucks stinks.  Ok, so we have more money in the bank today than we did in January of 2010.  That’s pretty damn darn good and very few construction companies can boast about that.  In reality, and contrary to rumors that one local GC tried to spread about WPC, we’re stronger financially now than at anytime in the past three years.  If that GC would like to compare balance sheets, please give me a call.

We can’t change what has happened but we can focus on what we’re going to do. Knowing what we know, we can stop bitching whining about the economy and go out and capture profitable work.

WPC provides superior quality and service and there are clients–both new and existing–that appreciate that, and are willing to pay for it.  Those clients who are just looking for the absolute lowest price and are willing to treat contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers like a second tier society; and push them to the brink of insolvency so they can get a better deal and put more money in their pockets, aren’t the ones we want to do business with.

Now that’s not saying that we aren’t competitive, because we are, and our repeat clients know that.  What I’m saying is that we provide a greater value for the dollar and we provide an experience that exceeds our clients expectations.  Very few GC’s provide “it” these days because of two things: 1) They aren’t any good at “it”, and that’s unfortunately a majority of our industry; or 2) They are forced to drive their prices so low that they have to change the way they do business, which in turn, changes the value provided.  The good news is that there are some GC’s that are good at “it” and aren’t willing to sacrifice their core values to scramble for breadcrumbs.  Those are the ones we want to compete against, because that’s who we are.

So it’s time to stop bitching whining and get back to working hard.  Working hard for those clients that are fair, loyal, perhaps need a little help to make their project viable; and are looking for quality, customer service, a guaranteed good experience, and value. We’re doing business with lots of them right now and 2012 and beyond will be built on those relationships and the way in which we cultivate them.

Thank you to those clients who have (or will) put their trust in us and appreciate what we do.

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