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October, 2016

  1. Not all Cancer is Pink

    October 3, 2016 by Jeff Forrest

    Traditionally, October is known as Breast Cancer Awareness month. At WPC we recognize the importance of this effort and display that awareness around the company in many ways. There are pink hard hats, safety vests, and t-shirts on every job. Pictures will be taken and displayed throughout our social media and we will raise monies for specific charities. But not all cancer is pink…

    This year WPC is expanding our cancer awareness in memory of WPC Superintendent Robby Musgrove. Robby had been with us for 2.5 years. In mid-August, he was working on a project in South Carolina and developed a nagging cough. Thinking it was perhaps a chest cold or bronchitis, he eventually went to the doctor. Unfortunately for Robby, it was much more than either of those. Initial tests results showed Robby had large cell carcinoma on his right lung and one of his kidneys. He returned to Orlando with the recommendation of starting radiation immediately. He would need to have daily treatments of radiation and once a week sessions of chemo. The news continued to get worse as doctors realized that the cancer was in more places than could be treated. After the doctors had explored their options, they recognized that his time was limited. On September 18th, just over one month after being diagnosed, Robby passed away.

    It is fair to say that I didn’t know Robby very well. We had exchanged conversations in the office during his tenure at WPC and I knew him as a dedicated and likable guy. In hindsight, I wish I had gotten to know him better; but isn’t that usually the case after someone is gone. Robby was a part of WPC’s Special Projects and Renovations Division and had successfully worked on a number of projects throughout the years. He respected WPC’s reputation and worked hard to maintain quality on each job he was involved with. He is survived by his wife Gail and with support from the WPC family, she will be moving to Arizona to be with family.

    The sudden loss of Robby is a stark reminder to all of us that life is short, and more importantly, life can be taken from us at any time. Almost all of us have been touched by cancer in some way, whether it be a family member, a friend or a coworker. Although Robby lost his fight, other WPC staffers have battled and won and we are fortunate that they did.

    Sooner rather than later, both men and women should be getting regular physicals and exams. Early detection of many cancers improves the chances of full recovery with proper treatments. Please take the time to visit your doctor.

    As we mourn the loss of Robby, we are reminded to take care of ourselves and hug our loved ones more often.

    “Supporting the Fighters, Admiring the Survivors, Honoring the Taken, and Never, Ever Giving up Hope.” – Author Unknown