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July, 2013

  1. Customer Service and Beyond

    July 31, 2013 by Jeff Forrest

    WPC recently received a letter from the supervisor of The Villages Public Library at Belvedere. For those of you who may not know, WPC is building our fourth project for Sonata Healthcare in The Villages – the third Serenades by Sonata. This letter was very complimentary and recognizes one of WPC’s superintendents for delivering exceptional service and commendable character.

    The superintendent for this project is fairly new to WPC, but he exemplifies one of our most important attributes – providing outstanding customer service. What we do every single day, big or small, makes an impression on someone. How we answer the phone, interact with clients, vendors, consultants, fellow employees and, in this case, an adjacent property owner reflects how our company is viewed. Giving a little extra is how we standout from our competitors. It distinguishes us, makes us unique, is a catalyst in choosing WPC for future projects and is a WPC requirement of employment.

    Amidst being busy with the daily grind, WPC team members remain focused on going “above and beyond” the regular routine. We consider all of our site staff conscientious construction neighbors whether or not they receive a letter from someone they have impacted. It is nice to be recognized, however, especially in a time where people put pen to paper more often to complain than to give praise.

    We are proud of our onsite project staff, as well as the whole team of Serenades by Sonata at the Villages for delivering on the reputation of WPC. We stand confident knowing that we deliver this level of customer service to all of our clients and this type of respect is a permanent pillar of our culture.