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July, 2013

  1. Customer Service and Beyond

    July 31, 2013 by Jeff Forrest

    WPC recently received a letter from the supervisor of The Villages Public Library at Belvedere. For those of you who may not know, WPC is building our fourth project for Sonata Healthcare in The Villages – the third Serenades by Sonata. This letter was very complimentary and recognizes one of WPC’s superintendents for delivering exceptional service and commendable character.

    The superintendent for this project is fairly new to WPC, but he exemplifies one of our most important attributes – providing outstanding customer service. What we do every single day, big or small, makes an impression on someone. How we answer the phone, interact with clients, vendors, consultants, fellow employees and, in this case, an adjacent property owner reflects how our company is viewed. Giving a little extra is how we standout from our competitors. It distinguishes us, makes us unique, is a catalyst in choosing WPC for future projects and is a WPC requirement of employment.

    Amidst being busy with the daily grind, WPC team members remain focused on going “above and beyond” the regular routine. We consider all of our site staff conscientious construction neighbors whether or not they receive a letter from someone they have impacted. It is nice to be recognized, however, especially in a time where people put pen to paper more often to complain than to give praise.

    We are proud of our onsite project staff, as well as the whole team of Serenades by Sonata at the Villages for delivering on the reputation of WPC. We stand confident knowing that we deliver this level of customer service to all of our clients and this type of respect is a permanent pillar of our culture.

  2. President’s Log: Stardate 07-13

    July 12, 2013 by Jeff Forrest

    June 27th – 8:02PM
    I am on board a 5-hour flight to Vegas for my monthly visit to our projects in the western part of the country. The team has been working hard on our Desert Club Resort renovation for Holiday Inn Club Vacations. The latest work should wrap up by mid-August and the Orlando based staff can come home for a much-earned rest in their own beds. Tower 5 at The Grandview at Las Vegas is now complete and our construction partner, Penta Building Group, did another fantastic job.

    June 29th – 10:00PM

    I’m at Tao Restaurant in Las Vegas. My son, who is a professional poker player, is playing in the World Series of Poker events for the 5th consecutive year. Although his 25th birthday is on July 1st, we decided to celebrate a couple days early with a few of our very close West Coast friends.

    June 30th – 5:38AM

    I’m eating breakfast with my son who decided we needed to see the sun come up before we went to sleep. Good thing he only turns 25 once.

    July 1st – 11:00AM
    I’m in a meeting on an exciting new project and will discuss that more in an upcoming blog.

    July 1st – 2:20PM
    I decided to drive to San Diego in lieu of flying. That won’t happen again. I’m meeting with a client based in San Diego who has some new and renovation projects in Florida and Nevada.

    July 4th – 11:40AM
    I’m in flight to Chicago and I notice a Marine in full dress. I figured it was appropriate attire for Independence Day. As it turns out, he is escorting a fallen Marine back home to his final resting place. It is a sad but honorable duty and one that all of us on board did not take for granted. We showed our respect as he exited the plane and it reminded all of us of the price of our freedom. Watch the movie Taking Chance if you want to learn more about the soldiers who volunteer to be escorts.

    July 8th – 8:32AM

    I’m back at my desk in Orlando finding it hard to believe that half the year is gone. Although the economy appears to be improving, we remain cautious and conservative. Our memories of the past 4 (challenging) years are still fresh and though we are busy, we are not busy enough and future work remains high on the priority list.

    Every month we build ourselves out of a job. The WPC team is challenged by the difficulties of a busy labor force, yet faces those challenges with the determination necessary to maintain our reputation. We have some exciting new projects on the horizon – with new clients that have yet to experience the WPC Way and with existing clients whose expectations are high, just as they should be.

    I could not be more proud of how hard everyone is working. The younger generation of assistant project managers and project managers like Curtis Husselman and Kevin Ivey, whose fathers worked for WPC, as well as newly appointed project manager, Ben Abernethy, are stepping up. John Russo and Sarah Makie of our pre-construction and estimating department are also rising stars. They have shown they deserve their titles and responsibilities. We’ve hired some great new talent both in the office and the field that will have opportunities to grow and learn, and our hope is this next generation of leaders will one day be running this company. The seasoned staffers are also working harder than ever and showing the newbies the ropes and helping them mesh with our culture.

    Watching my son turn 25, seeing the next generation mature, and realizing that time waits for no one can be a sobering experience. It certainly helps when you know the people around you are dedicated to providing an experience that is unique in our industry, as well as having fun along the way.