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November, 2011

  1. Competing Against Acceptable

    November 10, 2011 by Jeff Forrest

    Why is it that acceptable is…well, acceptable? Whether it is quality work or good service, why are we surprised when we see it or receive it? More often than not, we accept acceptable because it is more the norm than exceptional work or service. Perhaps it comes down to price. People are willing to pay less as long as they get an acceptable return. We see it everyday in the construction industry and for the WPC team, acceptable is not…acceptable.

    When we think of companies like Apple, Ritz Carlton, Disney and others that provide exceptional products or service, we realize that what people really are seeking is quality. People pay more for an Apple product, a room at the Ritz or a ticket to go see Mickey but they expect their experience to be excellent. That’s how we want WPC to be thought of. When people see our logo or talk about our work, we want it to be synonymous with amazing customer service and outstanding quality. We want them to feel good about the value they receive for the price they pay.

    Competing against acceptable is not easy because cost is such a driving factor in the decisions that our clients make. Estimating and pre-construction’s job is to show our clients what the “real” price is for quality work and to show them the value in every number we give them. This includes costs for proper water intrusion details, higher quality windows, exterior paints and other quality materials that are critical to achieving exceptional. Using prices from subcontractors that will not only start the job but will finish it is part of the exceptional formula. Operation’s job is to provide enough experienced supervision to make sure all these things come together and that we execute with excellence. That is what WPC does and that is why people tell us over and over again that our work is the best they’ve ever seen. Why is that not normal? I suppose it’s better for us that it isn’t.

    It takes every member of the WPC team to provide quality work and exceptional customer service. It takes every member of the WPC team to Build Beyond the Blueprint. Whether answering the phone, paying subs and suppliers, interacting with architects and consultants, preparing status reports or on the front lines at a job, everything will be remembered. It’s how WPC is remembered that is the distinguishing factor. We continue to surprise our clients with exceptional and have them never want acceptable again.